RYNKL - A New Wrinkle Analysis App

RYNKL is a new artificial intelligence for your gadgets, monitoring your appearance and helping you adjust your lifestyle to look younger. 

Ever wondered about exactly how "aged" your skin is? 

Loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation, degradation of extracellular matrix are all factors creating an aged face.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body; it signals ones health, nutritional status, keeps out pathogens and prevents dehydration.

Now RYNKL, the wrinkle analysis app, is being developed with an AI system that will analyze your facial skin. Using groundbreaking technology to in detail judge your skin quality, this means a new era of tracking skin aging and monitoring the efficacy of skin treatments!

RYNKL is a wrinkle analysis app. It is an artificial intelligence which cares about your looks and helps you adjust your lifestyle to look younger

Don't take that beauty company's word for it, test their product yourself and record the results!

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