A Simple Infographic On Telomeres And The Lifestyle Factors That Affect Them

It’s widely accepted that the lifestyle choices you make can affect your longevity. So, it should come as no surprise that your lifestyle choices can also affect how quickly your cells age. Here, the word “aging” is used to refer to biological aging, which in this case is a measure of how well your cells function, as opposed to chronological aging, which is just a measure of how many revolutions the earth has made around the sun, which you get a lovely reminder of, with each “birthday”.

So, the next question is: what’s a good measure of cellular aging?

While you can measure your chronological aging by-the-second by just looking at a clock, to see your biological age you must go down to deep within your cells, and take a peek at your chromosomes, specifically, the tips of your chromosomes called the telomeres. Here’s a simple visual explanation of telomeres and the lifestyle factors that affect them, from Arnas Butkus at One Goal Denver:

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