Klarismo – An MRI Scan Of Your Body Composition

Credit: Klarismo

A company for athletes and health aware customers takes MRI images of your body unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It gives you the chance to discover and track your fitness potential in unprecedented detail, including a close up of your brain, muscular structure as well as the fat distribution around your internal organs. 

The scan also provides you with additional information such as volumetric measurements of body fat, hip-to-waist ratio and even shirt size.


In the process, Klarismo is constructing the largest full body MRI scan database in the world and is making it available for scientific research - a huge benefit in terms of the surveillance to identify the key stages of when things are more likely to go wrong. In terms of preventive medicine, a full body scan may also end up catching diseases, such as cancer, in their earlier more treatable stages.

Read more at klarismo.com for the chance to track your health in an entirely new way.