The Good News About Coffee

The latest data suggests those who consume 3 to 5 cups a day of coffee may have some protection from premature death. 

Tea and coffee are extremely popular drinks worldwide, and there have been multiple studies confirming the health effects of tea, especially green tea. Now new analysis hints that coffee too, can be part of a 'healthy' diet. 

What did the study find?

The team took data from 3 large ongoing studies over a 30 year period to come up with the finding. After a final analysis, they found that moderate coffee consumption was correlated with reduced rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, parkinson's and even suicide. The same was true for both caffeinated and de-caffeinated versions of the beverage. Unfortunately the study found no link with cancer rates.

The data refers to coffee bean consumption, but doesn't give the go ahead to sweet, rich coffees like lattes

While the researchers were careful to say at this point it's not entirely clear what compounds in coffee are doing the job, an assortment of bio-active chemicals other than caffeine like chlorogenic acid could be responsible for the benefits. More research is needed to establish which specific molecules could be responsible. 

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