Attitudes Towards Aging: Looking to Live "Just Long Enough"

At what age do men and women reach their peak

Over the last 100 years we have improved worldwide average lifespan by over 36 years. Today, people in most developed countries live on average more than 85 years.  As we live longer lives, our subjective well-being and our attitudes change accordingly towards aging. In 2012, Havas Worldwide conducted a survey of 7,213 people in 19 countries to understand their attitudes towards aging and growing old.

Which aspects of aging worry you?

What scares us less as the time grows nearer

Hypothetical anti-aging pill

Most of the study respondents (77%) expect to age gracefully, think they are already aging better than their peers, and do not worry about being old until their 70s.  The survey also finds that men and women reach their physical, mental and creative peaks are different ages. Additionally, it seems that people do not just worry about dying too young, but also about living too old. The idea of immortality loses its appeal when permanent youth and good health are not a part of it.

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